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It is a rare opportunity

It is a rare opportunity when one discovers something in sound and immediately knows to listen carefully. There is that magic in Brian Rolland's unique compositions and exceptional guitar style. His music is rooted in a lifetime of study and subsequent mastery of the classical instrument. This mastery flows innately through the lyrical masses we know as folk, country, rock,blues and with outstanding finesse travels though the progressional phases of Jazz.


'Brian Rolland is a musical revelation, one of the most eclectic guitarists I've heard.'
-Ron Della Chiesa WGBH Boston

'Touching, Soothing, Perfect. Awesome interpretation of the music of love'
-Henry Brun KRTU, San Antonio, Texas

'... a truly wonderful gift for every music lover, Brian Rolland's music raises the spirit'
-Serge Kozlovsky Minsk Radio, Belarus



Latest Work

'The Tide's In' debuted at #3 on the NAR charts for April, 2008 and was later named among their Top 100 pocket option bonus code Albums of the Year at #32. 'Doliber's Cove' was the #1 Sirius Satellite New Age Single in July 2008 and still in the TOP10 as of mid October 2008. Timeless it continues to be in heavy rotation around the world.

"'The Tide's In' is a joyful, life-affirming collection of world-jazz songs and instrumentals....In a phrase, this is one great album!"
-Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

In 2007, 'Dreams of Brazil' was up for nomination for 'Best Instrumental Album-Acoustic' for the 2006 New Age Reporter awards. After going to #12 during 4 months on those charts, the album also made their Top 100 Albums of the Year at #68 out of 2800 releases.

Original solo virtuoso (classical - on this disc) guitar crosses over into many romantic candlelit realms from jazz to blues to spanish and beyond...

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